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abirami enggineering works abirami enggineering works
Repairing of Hydro Generators
Repairing of Generators and alternators
Repairing of H.T Motors, Excitor, Commutators and Eddy Current Brakes
Erection of Hydro Generators
Supply of Hydro Generator Spares, Gate Seals

Supply of Hydro Generator Spares, Gate Seals

Our Services

  • Supply of Stator Coils and Rotor Poles Coils
  • Supply of New Shaft
  • Supply of New Core/Core Laminations
  • Supply of Curb ring Base ring,Laybrinth ring,Runner wearing ring,Glide ring,stuffing box etc.,
  • Supply of carbon gland,Temperature,Pressure & Vaccum gauges.
  • Air Valve ,High Pressure drain valves,Ball valves,Needle valves & Butterfly valves etc.
  • Guide vane top and bottom bushes.
  • Oil coolers & air coolers.
  • Stainless steel wearing rings for high head spherical valves and Butterfly valves.

Major Works Carried Out

  • Supply of curb ring,Laybrinth ring, Base ring,gliding ring etc to unit 1 and unit 2 – 35 MW Periyar PH TNEB Lower Camp.
  • Supply of Air Valve 1 No for unit 2 at Periyar PH TNEB.
  • Temperature gauges 4 Nos to unit 1 and 2 at PH TNEB.
  • Top and Bottom guide bushesw for guide vanes of unit 1 and 2 at Periyar PH TNEB.

Hydraulic gates Seal Supply
Our Services

  • Supply of Musical Note type and other types of rubber seals as per Drawing for Dam intake gages - intake gates for penstocks,radial gates,Scouver vents,Tail race gates etc.,

Major Works Carried Out

  • Supply of Gate seals – 3 sets to Hydraulically operated Dam intake gates at APGENCO.
  • Supply of Musical note rubber seats – 7 set to Dam intake gates of 100MW Hydro Generators Bank Power House APGENCO.
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