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Repairing of Hydro Generators
Repairing of Generators and alternators
Repairing of H.T Motors, Excitor, Commutators and Eddy Current Brakes
Erection of Hydro Generators
Supply of Hydro Generator Spares, Gate Seals



Repairing of Hydro Generators

Our Services

  • Repairing of Hydro Generators,Gates Spherical Valves, BF valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Governers etc.,
  • Repairing of Stator Earth fault of Generators up to 150MW
  • Replacement of Stator Coils and Rotor Poles Coils and Repair to Stator and Rotor of Hydro Generators up to 150MW
  • Capital Overhauling of Hydro Generators up to 150MW
  • Replacement of Core with New Core at Site
  • Providing end caps for 11KV Stator Coils.
  • Flashing of Permanent Magnet Generator.
  • Reconditioning and Replacement of Turbine Runner in Hydro stations.
  • Replacement of Top head cover, Inner head cover, Bottom cover – Curbring, Labrinth ring etc., (including supply).
  • Rebabitting and erection of guide bearings, Thrust pads.
  • Erection of Thrust bearing, lower guide bearing, Turbine guide bearing etc. Alignment, reducing vibration and throw etc.
  • Reconditioning of guide vanes, bushes Top and Bottom/site reboring etc and Budding of guide vane.
  • Cleaning and PressureTesting of oil cooler and Air cooler Alignment and Dynamic balancing of Hydro Generator and Turbines.
  • Providing high pressure oil injection system to lift the rotor of hydro Generator before starting and stopping to increase the life span of Thrust pads.
  • Repairing of Spherical Valves and BF valves.
  • Repair and Replacement of Musical note Rubber seals at Dam intake gates, and arresting water leaks.
  • Stator Rewinding.
  • Rotor Pole Changing.
Major Works Carried Out
  • Stator Fault Rectification of 115MW Unit No.4 Replacing faulty Stator Bars with New Stator bars as per the Detailed Scope of Work at Lower Sileru Power House APGENCO.
  • Replacement of faulty Coils in 150MW Hydro Generator sin Srisailam PH APGENCO
  • Rectifying Stator Earth fault in 115MW Hydro Generator by Replacement of Coil in LSPH,APGENCO
  • Rewinding and Re-Insulation of end connections done completely for 23 MW BBC, 11 KV Hydro Generation at Machkund power house – APGENCO
  • Dismantling & Removal of OLD Stator, Assembling & Retrofitting of New Stator & Other Related Work as Per Scope of Work Testing & Commissioning of unit IV80MW at upper Kolab Hydro Electric Project Order from BHEL Secunderabad.
  • Complete Reconditioning of stator bars of 80MW Hydro Generator of Upper Kolab Power House – Orissa State Order from BHEL Secunderbad.
  • Replacement of damaged stator winding coils and other work in 115 MW Generator Unit-I,II,III,IV at Srisailam Left Bank Power House,APGENCO.
  • Repair of damaged stator coils with using spare coils and Reinsulate the bottom hang of all the stator coils of 23MW vertical BBC make Hydro Generator at Machkund PH(APGENCO).
  • Repair / Rectification and Replacement of faulty generator stator coil of 21.6MW Unit-7 at MGHE,KPCL( Including Supply of One No of Stator Coil).
  • Re insulation and Reconditioning of 20Nos Rotor pole coils of 115MW Unit No-I at LSHE.
  • Replacement of aged stator core of unit – III 12.5 MW generator by new one – at Mettur Dam Power House,TNEB.
  • Replacement of all stator coils of 7MW/11KV Generator Unit No. 3 At Pykara power house Singara,TNEB.
  • Re-insulation of stator coils of unit I10MW/11KV Generator of Mettur Dam Power House,TNEB.
  • Erection,Testing & Commissioning of Digital Governors and its Associated Equipments at Linganamakki Power House of 2X27.5MW in Karnataka Order from ANDRITZ HYDRO.
  • Dismantling,Refurbishment ,Re-erection ,Testing & Commissioning of 2X12MW River Bed Generting Units of Bhadra Hydro Electric Project Under R&M Scheme in Karnataka State Order from ANDRITZ HYDRO.
  • Repairing,Reassembling Turbine, labyrinth ring, Runner cone, turbine guide bearing, lower guide bearing,Thrust bearing etc and realigning and Dynamic balancing & commissioning of 115MW-11KV Hydro generator I and III at Lower Sileru Power House, APGENCO.
  • Repairing, Reassembling all the bearings, improving IR value of stator and rotor windings, testing and commissioning of 100 MW unit 5 of BHEL make Hydro generator at Srisailam Power House,APGENCO.
  • Realignment of 100 MW Unit 7 at Srisailam was done to reduce abnormal vibration and throw at TGB.
  • Flashing of permanent magnet of 100MW generator at Srisailam Power House Unit No. 7.
  • Replacement of new end cap of 11 KV Stator winding of 100 MW at Kadamparai Power House.
  • Removal of stator coils from core and top & bottom coils were insulated with class 'F.
  • Rewinding and end connections done completely for 23 MW BBC, 11 KV Hydro Generation at Machkund power house – APGENO.
  • The seats of 54 “ Spherical values of unit 4,5,6 of 23 MW Hydro Generator at Machkund PH APGENCO were metal built up and mechined and erected again for arresting water leakage.
  • Abnormal Vibration and frequent thrust bearing failure in 35 MW Solayar PH II TNEB was set right by resetting all the bearing thrust Lower and T.G.B and Realigning the Generator and reducing the shaft Throw at Turbine guide bearing.
  • Renovation, Uprating including stator core replacement and winding of 14 MW Hydro generator 2 Nos at Panniyar Power House, KSEB.
  • Repair of Hydraulically operated Dam intake gate at Pochampedu Hydro Electric Power House, APGENCO - 3 Nos to arrest water leakages.
  • Repairs of By pass values and intake gate and providing seals to 7 intake gates of 100MW Srisailam Right Bank Power House.
  • Repairs of Thrust pads and Realignment of Unit –1 of 18MW Hydro Generator and Unit 5 of 23MW Hydro Generator at Machkund Power House APGENCO.
  • Manufacture and Supply of Neutral grounding resistance for 11KV - 23 MW Hydro Generator.
  • Metelising, Machining and Polishing of thrust collar and Rotating disc of 35MW Hydro Generator at Periyar Power House, TNEB.
  • Replacing Turbine curbring, bottom head cover, Top head cover, Top labrinth ring,assembling carbon gland, TGB,LGB,Thrust pad, UGB and alignment of 35MW 11KV Hydro generator 2 Nos at Periyar P.H TNEB.
  • High pressure oil injection system for lifting the rotor of 50MW 11KV GE make Hydro Generator at Pillur P.H Kundah TNEB to increase the life of Thrust bearings.
  • Flashing of Magnets of PMG of a Hydro - Generator at Servalar power House TNEB.
  • Repairs of scroll case pressure relief valve of 23MW Generators 4 and 5 at Machkund Power House, APGENCO.
  • Repairs of Hydraulic Governor of machine -I - 18 MW at Machkund Power House, APGENCO.
  • Repairs of Hydraulic Governor of Generator at Tungabhadra Dam - APGENCO.
  • Dismantling, Repairing, Machining, Realigning of stuffing box for hydro generator at Tungabhadra Dam - APGENCO.
  • Providing Mulsifire system for unit 4 at Periyar Power Hosue,TNEB.
  • Replacement of Generator rotor poles 2 Nos for 18MW Generator at Machkund Power House, APGENCO.
  • Replacement of Rotor poles 3 Nos for Donkarayi 22MW Generator APGENCO.
  • Flashing of Magnets of PMG of a hydro - generator at Servalar power House TNEB.
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