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abirami enggineering works abirami enggineering works
Repairing of Hydro Generators
Repairing of Generators and alternators
Repairing of H.T Motors, Excitor, Commutators and Eddy Current Brakes
Erection of Hydro Generators
Supply of Hydro Generator Spares, Gate Seals



Repairing of Generators and Alternators

Our Services

  • Manufacture and Supply of Stator Coils ,Rotor Pole Coils up to 150MW
  • Rewinding of Stator and Rotors.
  • Rewindig of Exciter.
  • Rewinding of Rotor Poles
  • Core Restacking of Stator and Rotors.
  • Brushless excitation Repair and Replacement in Alternators.
  • Repair and Rewinding of Main Exciter, Pilot Exciter Armature.
  • Reinsulation of Stator coils.
  • Rewinding of Exciter field.
  • Repair and Replacement of Sliprings.
  • PMG – Remagnatisation.
  • Repair and Replacement of AVR’s.
  • Testing.

Major Works Carried Out

  • Re-Insulation of 115MW Stator Coils of SLBPH,APGENCO.
  • Re-Insulation of 150MW Rotor Pole Coils of NPH,KPCL.
  • Re-Insulation of 80MW Stator Coils of Upper Kolab Power OHPC.
  • Manufacturing of Stator Coil for 21.6MW Generator of MGHE,KPCL.
  • Manufactuiring of Shaft for 1MW Generator of Punachi PH,TNEB.
  • Rebabitting of Thrust Bearing&Collar of 80MW Hydro Generator of Balimala PH,OHPC.
  • 110MW Stator Coil Replacement for Srisailam.
  • 10MW Stator Coil supplied for Mettur Dam.
  • Re-Insulation of Rotor Pole 110MW Hydro Generator for APGENCO,Viduyt Soudha,Hyderabad.
  • 11KV,60MW Stator coils Re-insulation of Hydro Generator for TNEB Generation Circle,Kundah.
  • 11KV,7MW Stator coils Re-insulation of Hydro Generator for SE/TNEB, Papasanasam Power House, Tirunelveli.
  • Re-Insulation of 11KV,9MW Stator coils for Thungabhadra Dam, APGENCO.
  • Rotor Rewinding of 6MW BHEL make Generator for HI-Tech Carbon, Gummidipoondi.
  • Stator Rewinding of 2MW,415V Jothi make Alternator for NPKRR Sugar Pullianthope.
  • Re-Insulation of 3.3KV,1.1MVA Generator for MPL, Manali Chennai.
  • Rewinding of 1450KVA,415V Alternator for Spic Organic Manali Chennai.
  • Rewinding of 1430KVA,415V Alternator for ONGC,Karaikal and Rajamundry.
  • Rewinding of 63KVA,415V Alternator for Nellore Thermal PowerHouse.
  • Rewinding of 63KVA,125KVA,415V Alternators for Oil&Natural Gas Corporation.
  • Re-Insulation of Rotor Poles for 18MW Hydro generator at Machkund PH for APGENCO.
  • Re-Insulation of Rotor Poles for 22MW Hydro generator at Donkarayi for APGENCO.
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