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abirami enggineering works abirami enggineering works
Repairing of Hydro Generators
Repairing of Generators and alternators
Repairing of H.T Motors, Excitor, Commutators and Eddy Current Brakes
Erection of Hydro Generators
Supply of Hydro Generator Spares, Gate Seals



Erection of Hydro Generators

Our Services

  • Supply of Stator Coils and Rotor Poles Coils
  • Supply of New Shaft
  • Supply of New Core/Core Laminations
  • Generator Dismantling.
  • Erection of Generators.
  • HV Power Cable Laying and Termination.
  • Installation of Cable tray with Termination.
  • Refurbishing the stator including lamination pilling & installation of winding
  • Concrete works of switch yard foundation.
  • Foundation Concrete work for Power house machineries
  • Erection of Generators& Transformers protection system
  • Erection of spherical valves,bulk head gates gantry work.
  • Erection of cooling system,pressure piping,water drainage
  • Laying of HT,LT control cables,Termination etc .

Major Works Carried Out

  • Erection of 3 Nos 5MVA Hydro Generator and 36 Nos 8MVA Hydro Generartors horizontal type at KSEB Pallivasal PH for TELK, Angamally, Kerala.
  • Dismantling – Renovation uprating of 14MW Vertical type Hydro Generators at Pannaiyar PH, KSEB for TELK, Angamally, Kerala.
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